About Us

David P. Vandagriff

  • David practices, in a separate business, as an attorney who works with contracts – primarily representing authors, publishers and literary agents. His professional website is David P. Vandagriff – Contract Counsel.
  • He blogs about book contracts and other topics of interest to authors on The Passive Voice.
  • He is the author of three books, with two books in progress.
  • At Orson Whitney Press, David functions as chief designer of our products as well as business manager.

G.G. Vandagriff

  • G.G. is a best-selling, award-winning author who has published sixteen books, eleven by conventional publishers and five exclusively with Orson Whitney Press.
  • She blogs about her books and other topics at Embracing Abundance.
  • G.G. has promoted her books on television, national and local radio, through writing workshops, and lectures.
  • Received her B.A. from Stanford University and her M.A. from George Washington University. You can read more about G.G.’s background at her website.
  • G.G. currently has several more books in progress.

Other talented people provide valuable assistance on an as-needed basis.

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